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Russell Dickerson doesn't "Love You Like I Used To": He's now a diaper-changing machine

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ABC/Image Group LA These are sweet days in the life of Russell Dickerson: he and his wife Kailey welcomed their first child — a son they named Remington Edward — on September 10, as Russell’s hit, “Love You Like I Used To,” nears the top ten. 

Like so many of his songs, it was inspired by his bride.

“She’s an absolute angel,” Russell tells ABC Audio. “Yeah, this song was written probably five years into our marriage, where “Yours” was written like six months into our marriage.”

“And so we’ve grown, we’ve, you know, experienced a little life together,” he smiles.

In fact, Russell sees the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album as an update on his breakthrough hit.

“It’s basically ‘Yours,’ part two,” he explains. “Like, I still love you just as much, but every single kiss, every single day, it gets better and better and better.”

In fact, Russell loves his wife and son so much, Kailey recently shared she’s “so spoiled by” her husband, she “didn’t change a single diaper the first week of Rem’s life.”  

Earlier this month, Russell tweeted that his second album is finished. Stay tuned to find out when it’ll be released.

By Stephen Hubbard
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