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Reese Witherspoon proves she's been snapping selfies — and hasn't aged — since 1996

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Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) — Move over Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, Reese Witherspoon has submitted fool-proof evidence that she invented the selfie after posting an adorable snap she took over two decades ago.

Not only that, Paul Rudd even joined her for the 24-year-old shot and it appears The Morning Show star is having a hard time processing the discovery.

“Wait a second…,” she remarked on Tuesday. “Did #PaulRudd and I take the ‘Selfie’ in 1996?”

By all means, the picture is most definitely a selfie by current standards, but what’s really impressive is that the candid shot was taken without using a front facing screen since they weren’t in use yet, so the then-20-year-old actress had no idea how the photo would turn out until after she had it developed.

However, the buzziest thing about the 24-year-old selfie is that Reese nor Rudd have aged a day since starring in Overnight Delivery together.

While Witherspoon has graduated from red lip gloss and blue eye shadow, she still looks very much the same as she did in 1996.

Same goes for the 51-year-old Ant Man star, who joked about being a “certified young person” just last week.

Besides shocking fans, several of the Legally Blonde star’s famous friends weighed in on the snap, with actress Selma Blair laughing in the comments, “‘I’m in love with this relic fit for the smithsonian” while Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot hailed Reese for being a “trendsetter.”

Interesting enough, Witherspoon has presented strong evidence that she “invented” the selfie, blowing a hole in Hilton’s claim that she snapped the first one back in 2006. 

However, while the Oscar winner chose not to mention Hilton nor Kardashian, Oprah Magazine was more than happy to declare Witherspoon the de facto “inventor of the selfie.”

By Megan Stone
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