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Record heat expected Labor Day weekend in West

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(NEW YORK) — Record-breaking heat is expected in the West during the holiday weekend, including Los Angeles, where the power grid could be put to the test.

Already Thursday, record highs were tied in Palmdale, California, at 106 degrees and in Portland, Oregon, at 95 degrees, but this is just the beginning, especially for southern California and the Southwest.

Some areas could see the hottest temperatures of the year so far in southern California during Labor Day weekend.

There are already several excessive heat warnings and advisories, including a warning for Los Angeles and advisory for San Francisco throughout the weekend.

The West is expecting record-high temperatures, including over 110 degrees from Sacramento, California, to Las Vegas and Phoenix. Even Boise, Idaho, will reach 100 degrees this weekend.

Moving east, there were dozens of severe storms Thursday in Baltimore and Washington D.C., with one possible tornado spotted east of D.C.

Straight line 60 to 66 mph winds also produced damage in Delaware and Virginia Thursday.

Finally, the tropics remain very active, as five tropical systems are worth monitoring.

Three tropical waves off the coast of Africa are forecast to develop into possible multiple tropical cyclones early next week and could track in the direction of the U.S.

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