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Put down your phone and get off social media: Kenny Chesney says that's what "Happy Does"

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Warner Music NashvilleNo doubt Kenny Chesney is something of a guru to the multitude of fans that are a part of his No Shoes Nation. And with his latest hit, he’s taking it one step further, putting forward a philosophy that can likely benefit us all.

‘Happy Does’ is a song that truly, when I heard it, it reminded me of, I don’t know, just trying to live your best life, you know,” the superstar tells ABC Audio.

“Because so many people we know — I’m not that active on social media,” he continues. “I don’t get lost in it and stay in it all day. But some people will live their life looking at other people’s lives on social media. And I think sometimes they do it so much that they forget to live their own.”

In fact, “Happy Does” has a lot in common with Kenny’s most recent number one, the title track of his Here and Now album.

“I think that’s the message of this song,” Kenny reflects, “is just try to stay present and to try to live and to try to be happy within your own life and to stay curious and to stay hungry.”

“And that’s what made me want to record a song like ‘Happy Does,'” he adds.  

Late last month, Kenny’s chart-topping Here and Now became his first album ever to be available on vinyl.

By Stephen Hubbard
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