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Luke Combs rewinds to the ‘90s for “Lovin’ on You” video, a tribute to his wife Nicole

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ABC/Image Group LALuke Combs takes things all the way back to 1998 for his adorable “Lovin’ on You” music video, which imagines what things would’ve been like if the singer and his wife, Nicole, were ‘90s kids together at a roller rink birthday party.

In the clip, the kid version of Luke is running late to the kid version of Nicole’s birthday party. He runs into the roller skating rink, wrapped gift under his arm, just in time for the first bars of the song to kick off.

From there, it’s a colorful throwback homage, full of classic arcade games, sheet cake and more mini-versions of the singer’s friends and band mates. There’s even one kid wearing a Waffle House ball cap: A nod, perhaps, to last year, when an entire Waffle House chimed in for a late-night sing-along of Luke’s “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

At the end of the video, the real-life Luke and Nicole replace their mini selves, with Nicole working behind the register of the skating rink and Luke sliding a token to her across the counter.

It’s a sweet tribute to the country couple’s real-life love story: Luke and Nicole got married in a small, beach-side ceremony on August 1.

By Carena Liptak
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