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Luke Bryan’s date night is a hilarious fail in the latest Jockey commercial

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Courtesy of Jockey International, Inc. Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, are ambassadors for Jockey brand, and they’re putting a hilarious spin on their new role with the release of the brand’s newest, “date night”-themed commercial

The clip begins as Caroline compliments Luke’s white Jockey t-shirt, telling him to be sure to wear it for the couple’s date night. Luke goes about his day, but no matter how hard he tries, the singer can’t seem to keep the shirt clean.

First he spills coffee down the front. Next, he gets a big, slobbery kiss from his dog, Choc. Finally, he takes a big bite out of a sandwich, dropping tomato, lettuce and dressing everywhere.

Choc might be licking his chops, but Luke’s exasperated: He can’t figure out how he’s going to keep his white shirt white until evening. But with a little bit of luck and quite a few washes, the shirt is clean when Caroline comes home at the end of the day.

“You ready for date night, baby?” he says, jumping up from the couch.

“It’s tomorrow night, Luke!” she responds.

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping couples everywhere under quarantine these days, date night doesn’t look quite how it used to. However, that won’t stop Luke from having a big (socially distanced) night out next week: He’s scheduled to perform at the 2020 ACM Awards.

By Carena Liptak
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