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“Long Live” the good life: Florida Georgia Line celebrates simple pleasures in their laid-back new single

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BMLG RecordsFlorida Georgia Line celebrates the kinds of nights that make life worth living in “Long Live,” their newest single.

“Long live all the small towners, sunup to sundowners / That old-school Haggard and Hank / Long live longneck bottles and wide-open throttles / And old dirt roads with no name,” the chorus goes. “Long live them country girls, long legs in cut-up jeans / Long live this way of life / Long live nights like these…”

It’s familiar turf for FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, both of whom had a hand in writing the track. The pair are known for recording out odes to the small-town good life, and this single takes them back to their early days..

“This one is for the nights you never want to end,” the duo says in a statement. “…We had a lot of fun reminiscing when writing, and hope it takes our fans back, too! Kick back with your loved ones, turn it up and relive some of your glory days while making new memories.”

“Long Live” follows FGL’s latest single and 17th number-one radio hit, “I Love My Country.”

By Carena Liptak
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