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Lee Brice isn’t sure exactly how many ACM trophies he’s got, but winning is always “something to be proud of”

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Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM“One of Them Girls” hitmaker Lee Brice admits he’s a little fuzzy on exactly how many times he’s won an ACM Award — for the record, it’s four — but he definitely thinks it would be pretty cool to win Single of the Year again in 2020 with “Rumor.”

He previously won that accolade in 2014 with his hit, “I Don’t Dance.” It’s especially gratifying to be considered for that trophy, Lee explains, because it means recognition for how much he cares about his craft.

“Obviously, to be in the category at all, it’s something — I take pride in what I write. I take pride in what I produce, and play on guitar,” he reflects. “That’s a big part of who I am, and so it’s something to be really, just, proud of.”

It’s not so much about the trophy itself as what the trophy represents, the singer adds.

“It’s not necessarily changing my world, but it sure says a big ‘Thank you,’ and makes you feel good that people notice, you know? And that they like your stuff,” he adds.

As for the trophies he already has, Lee says he might have trouble counting them because his wife Sara prefers to store them in a tucked-away part of the house.

“They start to turn color. Because they’re, like, copper or silver,” he laughs. “I need to get them cleaned.”

You can find out if Lee takes home a fifth trophy in 2020 by tuning into the ACM Awards on Wednesday night at 8PM ET on CBS.

By Carena Liptak and Stephen Hubbard
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