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Kane Brown's daughter Kingsley makes appearance in "Worldwide Beautiful" video

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Sony Music NashvilleKane Brown finds hope in the darkness in the video for his song, “Worldwide Beautiful.” 

The video opens with a post-apocalyptic scene of a town beset with destruction. While the adults are frozen in time, only the children are conscious of the plight around them, serving as a symbol of a unified future. 

A couple wearing blindfolds as they stand in front of a TV screen broadcasting the news and a man staring down at his cell phone as the world burns around him are some of the symbolic messages embedded in the video. 

But a young boy and girl tossing a globe to one another amid the destruction while others walk among a sweeping green meadow offer symbols of hope as Kane sings, “We ain’t that different from each other/From one to another, I look around/And see worldwide beautiful.” 

The children then unite on the war-torn street, clasping hands as a pink flower blooms from the rubble, the camera panning to Kane as flowers begin to rapidly pop up around him, covering the carnage that was once there.

The video ends with Kane holding his 11-month-old daughter, Kingsley, in his arms, surrounded by all the other children in the street that’s been turned into a beautiful garden.   

“Worldwide Beautiful” is the second single off Kane’s latest EP, Mixtape, Vol. 1.

By Cillea Houghton 
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