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John Oliver says fifth Emmy win is nice, but being named after a sewage plant is way better

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ABC/Frank Ockenfels(LOS ANGELES) — In the ongoing tit-for-tat between late night host John Oliver and the city of Danbury, Connecticut — the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver star couldn’t help but shout out the city he loves to hate while celebrating his fifth Emmy win.

Oliver took home the Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Talk Series.

During his backstage interview, Oliver was asked about whether or not he’d dedicate his Emmy win to the city of Danbury and remarked, “As nice as [this Emmy] is, and it is very very nice, my dream this year is having a sewage plant named after me.”

The city threatened to name its sewage facility after the late night host following Oliver’s August 16 show when he suddenly went off the rails and began shouting obscenities at Danbury, CT when discussing potential rigging in the national jury system and how prejudice affects jury summoning.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton [BOW-ton] on August 22 unveiled plans on Facebook to rename the treatment facility the “John Oliver Memorial Sewage Plant” — because “it’s full of cr** just like you, John.”

Oliver remarked on Sunday that he’s glad to be “so close” to seeing his dream become a reality.

The 43-year-old was also pressed about whether or not he believes the Emmys will embrace the all-virtual platform going forward due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“If the pandemic continues, yes, this has to be the way ahead cause it’s not safe to do it any other way,” he answered before wondering aloud if people enjoy the socially distanced format. “It’s a little confusing why the Emmys are happening this year.”

Still, Oliver knows the Emmys were in the best possible hands, praising, “Jimmy Kimmel is the best — the best possible host” adding “he’s doing a fantastic job!”

By Megan Stone
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