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Jillian Michaels cautions people to stay away from the gym after contracting COVID-19

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Disney Channel/Image Group LA(LOS ANGELES) — The Biggest Loser alum Jillian Michaels has a stern message for fans worried about the COVID-19 pandemic: if you don’t want to get sick, don’t go to a public gym until the virus is completely under control.

The celebrity fitness trainer on Tuesday announced that she has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and, not only that, she contracted the illness after she worked out with a friend.

Speaking with Fox Buisness, Michaels bluntly stated, “All I can tell you is if you are afraid of getting COVID, a public gym is probably a place where you will get it.”  There, she expanded as to why she’s suddenly telling people to stay away from the workout equipment.

She explained that her friend, who does her hair and makeup, had no idea she was carrying the virus because she was asymptomatic and that their one hour workout was all it took for her to unknowingly spread it.

Michaels added that she also became an asymptomatic carrier, which brought her to her next point about practicing all health and safety guidelines, which includes wearing a mask.

The Body Revolution star staunchly defended wearing masks, saying that not wearing one contributed to her contracting the virus. “If you’re not in a mask and that person is not in a mask, and they have COVID and have no idea…anticipate that you will likely get it in an environment like that,” Michaels cautioned. 

Michaels also acknowledged that she’s lucky to have only experienced the lesser symptoms attributed to the virus, adding, “I’m fortunate to have gone into it being healthy and I was able to get on the other side of it pretty quick. But, not everyone is that lucky as we know.”

By Megan Stone
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