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Jennifer Nettles hoping “beautiful, magical lightning” will strike again with second Bon Jovi collab

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Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesBack in 2006, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles ventured into the rock world, joining Bon Jovi for “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

Their duet topped the country chart and earned them a Grammy — and now Jon Bon Jovi and Jennifer have announced that they’re working together again.

Bon Jovi has already released the single “Do What You Can,” from their upcoming album, Bon Jovi 2020. But on Tuesday, appearing side by side in a Facebook video announcement, Jon tells Jen that after he and the band cut the song, he started thinking back to their “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” days.

“It was fun and it was life-changing for us,” the rocker continues. “You know, you and I got a Grammy out of the deal. And that was the band’s first number one country single, which was a big deal. And so I thought, with this song…a way to broaden its appeal would be to have you on it again. And we, you know, were magic the first time.”

“I am just super excited for this,” gushed Jen, adding “I can’t wait for your fans and country fans to hear this duet version. It’s just such a fun song. It’s such an inspiring song. It makes you feel good. And the message is just right on at this time, that ‘when you can’t do what you do, do what you can.’”

“May beautiful, magical lightning strike twice for us,” she laughed. “‘Cause we had such a fun, fun time with ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’ and this is a beautiful next part of the story.”

The duet version of “Do What You Can” will be out on Friday, per a tweet from Bon Jovi.

By Carena Liptak and Andrea Dresdale
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