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Jamie Chung says 'Big Hero 6 The Series' shows kids "you don't need powers to be a superhero"

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Disney XD(NEW YORK) — Big Hero 6 The Series is back on Disney XD.

Season three of the Emmy-nominated animated series continues the adventures of 14-year-old Hiro, his lovable robot Baymax and their tech-savvy friends Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Fred as they protect their city from new villains.

Jamie Chung, who’s been voicing thrill-seeking mechanical engineer Go Go Tomago since the 2017 film, tells ABC Audio she’s loved seeing the journey of her character throughout the series.

“She has her walls up and she’s a woman of very few words, and usually it’s the word ‘nope,’” Chung says. “So it’s fun to see her warm up and open up and…you really get to see into her very private life.”

While the series has elements of superhero action, it also shows kids the power of science and tech.

“I feel the great messaging about this show and the previous movie is that you don’t need to have supernatural powers to be a superhero,” Chung says. “You know, you just have to really focus and study and put your brain to anything and you can accomplish anything, which is the beauty of this show where the superheroes use science to save the world.”

Big Hero 6 The Series airs Mondays on Disney XD. Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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