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Jameson Rodgers' boys set him up with "Some Girls"

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Matthew BerinatoJameson Rodgers is nearing the top ten with his debut single, “Some Girls,” but the Mississippi native’s made several trips to the top of the country charts already. 

You see, the former college baseball player co-wrote Chris Lane‘s number one, “I Don’t Know About You,” as well as the title track of Luke Bryan‘s chart-topping Born Here Live Here Die Here album. 

Still, it turns out his friendships have more to do with his first hit as an artist than his own writing talent.

“It’s funny because I moved here writing songs and, you know, it’s kind of ironic that my first song is one I didn’t write,” Jameson tells ABC Audio. “But it’s one that three of my best buddies wrote back in the day.”

“And this was like four or five years ago when none of us had anything going on,” he recalls. “You know, you come up with all these other amazing songwriters and become like brothers.”

“Some Girls” was written by HARDYC.J. Solar, and Jake Mitchell, who’ve individually played a part in smashes like Blake Shelton‘s “God’s Country,” and Morgan Wallen‘s “Up Down.” 

“You share demos, and this was just a demo that was shared with our buddies,” Jameson explains. “And I just always thought it was a hit. Like I would always get in my truck and play it, you know, before anybody liked it or anybody knew about it.”

“And somehow it fell through the cracks, and I got to record it,” he adds. “And it’s been fun watching people react to it.”  

Right now, Jameson’s busy working on following up his two independent EPs with his full-length major-label debut. This morning, he makes his first national TV appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna at 10 a.m. on NBC. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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