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"Hurricane" may've jump-started Luke Combs' career, but one almost ruined his wedding

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ABC/Image Group LALuke Combs may be busy celebrating his six new CMA nominations — including his first for Entertainer of the Year — but that’s not all that’s going right for the man who’s currently topping the chart with “Lovin’ on You.”

September 1 also marked the North Carolina native’s one-month anniversary as a married man. He and longtime girlfriend Nicole Hocking tied the knot Saturday, August 1 in South Florida.  So how is married life so far?

“It’s really great…” Luke told ABC Audio shortly after revealing the CMA noms on Good Morning America. “You know, we had to scale the wedding back the week before, change venues, and we actually didn’t pick the new venue until the day of the wedding.”

“So that was very interesting,” he continues. “There was a hurricane that looked like it was gonna come right over top of us, and at the, about the midnight hour there, it veered off to the end. So it ended up being perfect.”

Of course, there’s plenty of irony there, since Luke’s debut number-one single also happens to be called “Hurricane.”

In the end, Luke and Nicole enjoyed the upsides of a smaller ceremony.

“You know, it was smaller than we thought it would be, but it actually ended up, you know, being very manageable,” Luke reflects. “We got to have time with everyone that was there, and really enjoy the experience, and it was really special.”

“It’s something that I’ll cherish forever,” he adds.  

Luke’s been teasing a romantic new song called “Forever After All,” which seems likely to be one of the new tracks on the expanded edition of his sophomore album. 

What You See Is What You Get officially morphs into the deluxe What You See Ain’t Always What You Get on October 23.

By Stephen Hubbard
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