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'Hey World,' Lee Brice is riding the momentum of his eighth number one

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CurbLee Brice marks his eighth career number one this week, as “One of Them Girls” tops the country chart. 

Appropriately, he shares the success with his wife Sara, who’s always there with an honest viewpoint, especially when he need a female opinion.

“As a guy, as a man, we’re just hoping we’re on the right track, you know, like if we’re gonna make a girl like it or not…” he explains. “I’m like, ‘Hey, baby, listen to this. Does this make a girl happy or does it make her mad or…?'”

“She goes, ‘Yes!’… This is awesome… You either are one of them girls or you wanna be one of them girls… Thumbs up!'” he recalls. “And she don’t pull no punches… She tells the truth.”

Lee locked in his previous number one back in June with Carly Pearce and “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” a reflection of the fact that even at a time when’s he’s not able to play in front of live audiences, his career is hotter than ever.

“We’ve had big moments and stuff,” he tells ABC Audio. “I mean, we’ve had a gradual but steady, successful career. But man, the word is momentum. You know, it’s like ‘Rumor’ and then the duet. And then now this.”

“You know, ‘One of Them Girls’ is just flying for us,” he adds. “And we’re usually a slow climber, you know, but this thing has just blown up.”

“And all I’m gonna do is enjoy the ride, hang on tight, and see how long we can stay on,” he declares.  

Lee’s up for both Music Video and Musical Event of the Year for the duet at the 54th CMA Awards. His new album, Hey World, follows on November 20.

By Stephen Hubbard
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