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Get ready for an "All Night" experience with Brothers Osborne

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Eric Ryan AndersonYou won’t have to stay up “All Night” to see the new music video from Brothers Osborne, since it’s set to arrive on their official YouTube channel today, after premiering for their fan club, The Family, on Tuesday.

TJ and John‘s latest hit was born in the home studio of their co-writer, Andrew DeRoberts, with John picking up a baritone guitar to play along with “a drum groove that [Andrew] had. ” 

“We just started kind of riffing a little bit,” TJ tells ABC Audio. “And we kind of came to this idea where we thought it’d be fun just to take these compound words and split ’em up, to where if you have this half, I’ve got the other, and, you know, to eventually end with the hook.”

“You got the ‘all,'” he explains, “I got the ‘night’ — ‘all night.’ And it was really not much more than that.”

Pretty soon, the siblings had the lead single from their third album, Skeletons, which comes out October 9.

“We knew we wanted to keep it pretty simple,” TJ continues, “not have it get too heady, and it just be a pretty easy song to listen to, and really fun — a song that would work well live.”

“And little did we know that we would soon be in a time that would be so incredibly stressful,” he reflects. “And we feel that it’s a perfect time to put it out.”  

The only thing that’s not perfect about Brothers’ follow-up to Port St. Joe? Both TJ and John agree it’s an amped-up collection of what you’ve come to expect from them — one that was created to be played live, something they’ve gotten to do precious little of in 2020.

By Stephen Hubbard
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