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Florida Georgia Line call new album "a whole new energy"

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach Florida Georgia Line are getting back in touch with their roots on their upcoming album. 

The duo of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are hard at work on their fifth studio project and Brian hints that while the new project will have a bit of a throwback sound to the duo’s early days of music, he and his music partner will continue to do what they do best: challenge genre lines. 

“This fifth record will have some nostalgia for sure, some kind of old school FGL vibes, if you will, but also still pushing the boundaries, still kind of exploring,” he explains in a statement.  

“We’ve been working hard and continuing to hone in on our sound and even dig deeper, get our hands dirty with our music and get even more nitpicky on singing and every line and just continuing to push forward,” he continues.  

He also notes that while they are getting back in touch with their roots sonically, fans shouldn’t expect a repeat of previous albums, as they always aim to be innovative with their music.

“We never want to make the same record twice and we don’t think we’re doing that here.  We think we’re elevating our game and I think a lot of people will be excited and surprised,” he assures. “We’re just in a good place. “It’s just a whole new energy.”   

Fans will get a first taste of the new venture when the duo releases their new single “Long Live” on Thursday. 

By Cillea Houghton
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