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Drew Barrymore gifts $10,000 to fire chief who lost home in Oregon fires

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ViacomCBS(LOS ANGELES) — It was a historic fire season on the west coast, with blazes decimating countless properties as they consumed millions of acres across California and Oregon.

For one fire chief, she watched in horror as her entire town went up in flames.  Christiana Rainbow Plews, 50, says the Holiday Farm Fire destroyed everything, including her home.  

Actress Drew Barrymore heard of Plews’ plight and invited her to speak about the devastation on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday. 

“Blue River is gone,” confirmed Plews, who was chatting from her hotel room. “Not only all the homes, but all the businesses, including our fire station.”  

“The community is completely devastated,” she noted, adding that eight of her volunteer firefighters lost everything in the Holiday Farm Fire.

With her community in shambles, Plews has taken it upon herself to be the voice of strength, comfort and reason. “Somebody has to lead and somebody has to help get the healing and the rebuilding process started,” she furthered.

“I am the chief and I am in the position to impact that, so I just have to be strong,” continued Plews. “I just have to do it for everyone else and hopefully we can all find our way.”

Barrymore was blown away by Plews’ character and, after hearing how the chief continues to help her community despite losing everything, the Charlie’s Angels actress wanted to do something for her.

The talk show host revealed that she rallied her friends and sponsors to donate to Plews — handing the shocked chief a $10,000 check.

“I know it’s not enough,” offered Barrymore as Plews broke into tears, “But it’s just a little start to say you are an inspiration.”

“I have learned a lot from you,” she gushed, “Thank you for being an example to us all.”

By Megan Stone
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