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Dolly Parton dropped a huge Easter egg about her Christmas album months ago, and no one noticed

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ABC/Image Group LAAs usual, Dolly Parton outsmarted just about everybody: In early 2020, she hid a clue about her then-unannounced Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, in plain sight on her Instagram feed.

Way back in January, months before she let fans in on her plans to drop a Christmas record, Dolly got the ball rolling on a soon-viral meme challenge that has been dubbed “LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.” Challenge participants upload a mosaic of four photos of themselves, each image corresponding to a different social media platform.

Dolly was apparently the first person to take part in this challenge. Her four-image grid consisted of a buttoned-up picture of herself with her hair pulled back and a pencil behind her ear for LinkedIn, a wholesome photo of herself wearing a Christmas sweater for Facebook, a casual black-and-white image of a young Dolly with guitar in hand for Instagram and an image from her iconic 1978 Playboy shoot for Tinder.

But while everyone was busy putting together their own versions of the meme, they missed something important: The Christmas sweater she’s wearing in her “Facebook” image actually says “Holly Dolly Christmas” on it.

The country star came clean about her sneaky Easter egg this week, asking fans if they caught the clue she dropped more than eight months ago.

For those wishing to copy Dolly’s “Facebook” look, the Holly Dolly Christmas turtleneck is now available at her merch store. A Holly Dolly Christmas comes out this Friday.

By Carena Liptak
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