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Chrissy Teigen reveals how "pizzagate insanity" affected her mental health

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Michael Buckner/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Chrissy Teigen is opening up about the “deep dark” time in her life. 

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, the 34-year-old Cravings author got candid about her recent mental health struggles, which largely stemmed from accusations that she and husband, John Legend were linked to Pizzagate — a conspiracy theory that alleges many high-profile individuals are involved in sex-trafficking. 

Alongside a photo from her Marie Claire cover shoot she briefly mentioned that the photos were taken after having surgery to remove her breast implants — a surgery which, at the time, she didn’t know she was pregnant for — before addressing the effect of the unsubstantiated allegations. 

Teigen revealed, “I was struggling hard with some deep dark internet/real life days. I have lived a life begging for people to like me and think I’m cool and funny and their friend, and bam, it felt like everyone f***ing hated me.”

“I couldn’t do anything right, say anything right. I couldn’t leave cute comments on my friend’s pages knowing they’d be flooded with pizzagate insanity,” she continued. “And I know. It’s all so stupid. There is so much worse in the world, but man, aside from the world sucking, my little world sucked too.”

“Making people happy is my entire life. There is nothing else I wanna do. I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact not everyone is going to like me, and even though I still VERY MUCH DO NOT LIKE THAT, i can live with it,” she confessed. 

Teigen closed the post by thanking those involved with helping her land the cover before predicting that the comments section was “bout to be A MESS.”

Teigen and Legend are currently expecting their third child together. They are already parents to Luna, 4, and Miles, 2.

By Danielle Long
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