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50 Cent and Michael Rainey Jr. explain why Tyriq can be "redeemed" and "forgiven" in 'Power Book 2: Ghost'

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Courtesy of Starz(NEW YORK) — Power Book 2: Ghost star Michael Rainey Jr. and executive producer 50 Cent are weighing in on the future of troubled Power character Tyriq now that he’s leading his own Power series.

After viewers took their frustrations out on Rainey Jr. after discovering that his character Tyriq had killed his father Ghost, both Rainey Jr. and 50 Cent are assuring fans that they’ll start to like Tyriq a lot more this series.

“They didn’t appreciate Kanan either,” 50 tells ABC Audio, referring to his Power character. “Ghost killed somebody in the first episode… and they forgave him because they [saw] him internally struggling with things that they… could identify with.”

“I think until they see you love something, you’re just a bad guy,” he continues. “And the Kanan character clearly was that… It was actually the relationship between Kanan and Tyriq that made them begin to like Kanan.”

Rainey Jr. agreed he “could care less” if his character is forgiven by fans, but believes this series “could be a redemption for Tyriq.”

“Because he’s grown up now,” he explains. “He’s not just acting off of anger towards his family. He has to make sure his family is good… To really make decisions for for people, not just himself.”

It’s those “right decisions” that his character will make that Rainey Jr. believes will “definitely.. resonate” and make him relatable to fans.

“Like, ‘OK, Tyriq is not as bad as [he] used to be,'” he says. “He’s growing up…he’s definitely going to be improving himself.”

50 also believes that fans will “start to like” Tyriq because of his new love interest and connection to his mom.

“They’ll forgive him for those things that already happened with his character,” he says.  

Power Book 2: Ghost airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

By Candice Williams
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