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Unmasked crowd takes over NYC bus for wild pop-up party captured on video

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(NEW YORK) — New York City officials are trying to use social media to track down the culprits behind an illegal pop-up party on an MTA bus.

Social media users documented the wild party on video, capturing dozens of people as they took over the bus at around 4 a.m. Sunday in the borough of Queens.

The horde descended on MTA bus #7239 as the driver took it out of the Grand Avenue Depot, according to the MTA. The bus was impeded by double-parked cars when the crowd rushed past the bus operator as he tried to stop them.

Dozens swarmed onto the bus for about 30 minutes of partying, smoking and dancing. Several partygoers got naked as others twerked in the background, all in defiance of the MTA’s mask requirements and social distancing orders.

By the time a supervisor arrived within 30 minutes, the crowd had run off, the MTA said.

MTA officials said the group “violated multiple health and safety laws” and put the bus operator at risk, according to a statement.

“That rambunctious crowd put the bus operator and themselves at risk when they violated multiple health and safety laws and rules by taking over a bus for mask-less smoking and lewd activities without regard to social distancing,” the statement said. “An internal review is underway and the bus was later fully disinfected.”

The driver was not injured and the bus sustained no property damage.

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