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Trailer released for Rascal Flatts' star Jay DeMarcus' new reality show 'DeMarcus Family Rules'

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NetflixJay DeMarcus and family are offering a preview of their upcoming Netflix show, DeMarcus Family Rules.

Described as an “unfiltered” look at the lives of the Rascal Flatts star and his family, the format of the show features Jay, his wife Allison and their two children — nine-year-old Madeline and eight-year-old Dylan — doing sit-down interviews in front of the cameras in between clips of the family’s hectic lives. 

In a trailer released today, the singer describes himself and his wife as the “ultimate odd couple,” noting that Alison is a stickler for rules, while he’s more free-wheeling.

“My philosophy is kids grow up way too fast, you’ve got to create lifelong, lasting memories for them,” he says,  over clips of camping trips, extravagant birthday parties and basketball games.

Jay’s sense of humor is also on full display, as we see some of his antics, like dressing in a hazmat suit to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey and scaring his loved ones sitting around a campfire with a chainsaw.   

“It was fun to have the cameras follow us around for awhile – our family is crazy, I didn’t realize just HOW crazy we were,” Jay reflects in a statement. 

“I’m excited for everyone to see what life is REALLY like once someone like me, who has spent most of their adult life on the road, comes home and is back in the mix, trying to fit in and follow all the RULES!!”

DeMarcus Family Rules is available on Netflix on August 19. 

By Cillea Houghton
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