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Tim McGraw on naming his album 'Here on Earth': "I really wanted to make a tapestry of life"

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Big Machine RecordsThough Tim McGraw didn’t enter the recording studio with the title of his new album Here on Earth in mind, he did have a concept of how he wanted the music to make people feel.  

Tim was looking for “little vignettes along the way that tell a story about certain things that happen in the progression of life and how that can relate to the listener,” he says of the project.

“How everyone can sort of find a way to walk through this life on this album, find a way to relate to the characters in the stories,” he adds.

Tim says his goal was to reflect the vast dynamics of life. But when he was presented with the title track in the middle of the album-making process, he realized that the other songs naturally shaped around it, thus inspiring him to name the project Here on Earth. 

“When we got that song in and we cut it, and started fillin’ songs in around it, it just really made sense that that’s what we were trying to do,” he says. “And that’s somehow Here on Earth became the title because of the idea that I had to start with of what I wanted the album to feel like.”

Here on Earth will be released on Friday. 

By Cillea Houghton 
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