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Shay Mooney shifts focus from Dan + Shay to Asher + Ames, thanks to COVID-19

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ABC/Image Group LA2020 was off to an epic start for Dan + Shay. In late January, they picked up their second Grammy, and kicked off The (Arena) Tour about a month later. 

On the personal side, Dan Smyers and wife Abby had just bought a new house, while Shay and Hannah Mooney were expecting their second son. 

When COVID-19 brought things to a halt in March, Dan + Shay were suddenly — and unexpectedly — able to devote their full attention to their personal lives.

“That’s been a huge blessing in disguise during this whole thing… being home…” Shay tells ABC Audio. “We had Ames two weeks before our first show in Nashville at Bridgestone.”

If there’s an upside to the pandemic, it’s that Shay will get to experience milestones with Ames he might’ve missed with his three-year-old, Asher.

“Obviously the rug got pulled out from everybody and the touring just kind of went away,” Shay says candidly. “It was a little depressing at first to deal with as an artist, having that piece of you kind of taken away.”

“But then you kind of see the silver lining,” he reflects, “like, ‘You know what? I didn’t even think about this. I’m gonna be able to spend all the time in the world with my boys and be able to watch them grow up,’ which is something that, especially in that first year, there’s so many moments, you know, that I missed with Asher that I regret…”

“They’re gonna be sick of me by the time we are actually able to tour again,” he laughs. 

In the meantime, Dan + Shay are proving they remain a hot property, with their recently released single, “I Should Probably Go to Bed,” getting huge response at both country and pop radio.

By Stephen Hubbard
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