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Russell Dickerson is “freaking out in the best way” about becoming a first-time dad

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ABC/Image Group LARussell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey, are counting down the months until they welcome their baby boy this fall. And though the singer says he’s “freaking out in the best way” about the new addition to the family, Russell says that he’s already a hands-on dad when it comes to baby prep.

“We did most of the nursery renovation. Like, I painted the whole thing,” he explained in a recent interview with ET Online. “[Kailey] basically, like, lays it all out how she wants it to look, and then I — or, you know, with some help — take care of the rest.”

Anyone who’s been to one of Russell’s shows can attest to the fact that he’s a stylish dresser, and it looks like baby boy Dickerson is likely to follow suit.

“I built out his whole closet last week to hang all the cute little baby clothes. And made a little shoe shelf,” he adds, holding up a pair of infant’s Nike sneakers. Of course, he’s got a pair of white, adult-sized, “dad”-style sneakers to match.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Russell off the road during what would have been a big touring year for him.

“I’ve been touring for, I think this is our seventh year in a row of non-stop, hundred miles an hour [touring]. And this was the first year that I was actually going to, like, profit,” Russell says with a smile.

But he’s not disappointed to be off the road. In fact, it’s the opposite: He’s incredibly grateful to be spending this time at home with his wife during her pregnancy.

“This time, I would not trade it for a penny of that. It has been the biggest blessing,” Russell says.

By Carena Liptak
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