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Rascal Flatts marks twenty years at the top with 'How They Remember You'

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Big MachineAs Rascal Flatts celebrates two decades as a band this year, the trio’s latest hit, “How They Remember You,” couldn’t be more appropriate, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic happening at the same time.

“We felt the timing was perfect, the message was perfect at this time in this crazy madness,” Gary LeVox says. “You know, it really leaves the question with, you know, over a hundred-thousand people dying of the coronavirus and all of that, you know, it’s what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?”

“And that’s kind of what the song is about,” he continues. “And so I think timing-wise, it just, everything kind of lined up.”

Even though their farewell tour is on hold for now, the guys have inevitably done some thinking about their own legacy.

“I would hope that when we do lay it down,” Joe Don Rooney reflects, “that the fans remember us for for being true to ourselves and making music that is hopefully impactful music that will live out way longer than what we can ever tour for or be a part of anymore when we’re older.”

“Most importantly, though,” he adds, “is the charitable aspect of what Rascal Flatts has been able to do. We’ve been so blessed beyond belief. And to be able to give back to our main charity, the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, is the real legacy piece for us.”

The trio’s new seven-song EP, also titled How They Remember You, is out now.

Jay DeMarcus‘ new reality show, DeMarcus Family Rules, also premieres August 19 on Netflix. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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