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'Ozark' editor Cindy Mollo talks Emmy nomination and season three success

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Courtesy of Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — The Jason Bateman/Laura Linney Netflix drama Ozark is up for a bunch of Emmys this year, including a nomination for drama editing for Cindy Mollo. It’s no surprise considering Ozark has always been critically acclaimed, but season three really seemed to capture people’s attention this year, and Mollo tells ABC Audio that might have something to do with it premiering at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you remember that time in March, like right before we premiered, everyone was talking about Tiger King. And when our show dropped, I had friends saying I don’t usually watch something the second that it’s on Netflix, but we drove right into Ozark and it’s amazing,” she recalls. “And so it seems ridiculous to say five months ago, but it was a different time even within the pandemic.”

Another thing the pandemic will affect is how the Emmys ceremony will proceed this year, which has Mollo a bit unsure of how to prepare.

“We’re all just joking, saying, well, I don’t need a dress for the occasion. I just need a nice blouse. Maybe they’ll have us pre-record speeches in case we win. I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” she admits. 

This year’s nomination is Mollo’s second time being nominated for Ozark and her fifth nomination overall – previously nominated for Mad Men and the HBO Deadwood movie — but she hasn’t won yet. Nonetheless, she’s “proud” of Ozark and says that it is one of those rare jobs.

“You know, you only get a great experience like this, I say about every 10 years. Where you love the material, you love the people you work with, you’re proud of the work and people see it and recognize it,” she explains. “Those things don’t always happen.”

By Danielle Long and Jason Nathanson
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