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Old Dominion isn't “kitten” you: The “Meow Mix” version of their album is completely “fur” real

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RCA RecordsWhat started as a series of mysterious, cat-centric posts on social media has become something very real, and very strange: Old Dominion dropped the “Meow Mix” version of their self-titled third album this week.

Yes, that means that the band re-recorded every single song by meowing instead of singing the words.

“Cat’s out of the bag!” the group announced, as they shared their new project. “We are re-releasing our entire album, only this time, it’s all ‘meows.’ Sometimes you gotta be silly. #ODmeowmix is out meow.”

The “Meow Mix” album features the group’s feline takes on fan-favorite tracks like “Make It Sweet,” “One Man Band,” Some People Do” and “My Heart Is a Bar.” Fan reactions’ ranged from delighted to just plain baffled.

“If this isn’t the most 2020 thing ever…” wrote one Twitter user. “It’s just the gift that keeps on meowing.”

If you can believe it, Old Dominion aren’t the first band to re-release an entire album using “meows” instead of words. Rock group Guster applied the trope to their Keep It Together album in 2003, and rap duo Run the Jewels released a revamped “Meow Mix” project of their own, Meow the Jewels, in 2015.

By Carena Liptak
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