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Nia Long explains why just starring in 'Fatal Affair' wasn't enough for her to sign on

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Courtesy of Netflix(NEW YORK) — Nia Long says she wanted to be a “part of something bigger” when she agreed to sign on as producer and star of the Netflix thriller A Fatal Affair.

“When you start off in this business, you don’t get to sort of bring your ideas to the table when you’re new,” Long tells ABC Audio. “It’s like just stand on your mark, do what you’re supposed to do, and show me what you can do between action and cut.”

Long explains that although she’s wanted to offer her input and years of experience into the projects she’s been a part of, there wasn’t “a lot of collaborating until you get to a place where you’ve earned that.”

“And I feel like we’ve both been doing it for so long that now we can actually — whether we get the credit or not — we are producers on the projects,” she says, referring to her Fatal Affair co-star Omar Epps, who also has over 20 years experience as an actor.

“Because we’ve been proven to put out successful projects and things that have created the Black culture in the Black filmmaking movement,” Long continues.

“So it’s nice to feel that you’re not just an actor, but that you’re a part of something bigger,” she says. “And I say that with the most humility and appreciation for the journey that we’ve both had.”

While finally getting a producer credit on a film was a big incentive for Long, the actress admits she also had another, more selfish reason, to get on board.  

“And I wanted to make something for all my ’90s girls who are, you know, like, ‘Oooo, I love me some Omar Epps!'” she laughs.  

Fatal Affair, also starring Stephen Bishop, is now streaming on Netflix.

By Candice Williams
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