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Nearly three decades later, Garth believes the inclusive message of "We Shall Be Free" still rings true

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Photo Copyright 8 Ten, Inc.At a time when society can often seem more divided than ever, Garth Brooks wants to bring us together.

Nearly thirty years after releasing his anthem, “We Shall Be Free,” it’s an inclusive message Garth still embraces.

“For me, something has happened in this generation…” he observes. “It used to [be], you could have a buddy that was, you know, a fan of another team — Democrat, Republican, whatever. And you gave each other crap for it, but you were buddies. And now it seems there’s a list of ten things that if you don’t agree on all ten things, we’re not friends. Come on, man!”

“You want like-minded thinking,” Garth continues. “Like-minded thinking [means] we all love one another, we respect one other, we care for each other. That like-mind is good. But anything under that, you want different-minded thinking.”

The Oklahoma native goes on to explain what he means.

“I use this example all the time,” Garth says. “If war hits, and there’s only ten people left in a bunker somewhere, those ten people better pray to God Garth Brooks isn’t one of ’em. Because I can’t help ’em. I don’t know anything about electricity…” he begins, listing skills he lacks.

“And you need all that diverse thinking to get going. If they need help writing a verse or a chorus, I can help ’em,” he laughs. “But you need that like-minded umbrella.”

“At the same time,” Garth adds, “we all need to have different ideas, because it’s a culmination of those different ideas that come together, that diversity, that is the definition of this country for sure. And hopefully it’s the definition of the world itself.”

If you think Garth’s getting a little too serious, never fear. His album FUN! is coming soon.

By Stephen Hubbard
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