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Luke Bryan's excited to be back on 'Idol' with Lionel and Katy, even if they're "six feet apart at the judges' table"

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ABC In an ever-changing world, American Idol is staying as much the same as it can, with Luke BryanLionel Richie and Katy Perry all set to return for their fourth season of the hit ABC show. Ryan Seacrest continues as host.

But, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and virtual sessions already underway to replace in-person auditions, it’s clear some parts of the show will be different. 

“I would say that there will be significant [new] ways that we have to tape it,” Luke explains, “just based on adhering to social distancing and how we get contestants out there. So you will notice changes.”

“But, you know, at the end of the day,” he adds, “any changes are just simply predicated because we’re doing our best to make the best show [we can].”

Still, Luke’s holding out hope he’ll get to be in the same room with Lionel and Katy, even if they are a little farther apart.

“Currently, I don’t think it’ll be in video land…” Luke predicts. “I think there’s a way that we can integrate video and actually be there…”

“We’ll probably be six feet apart at the judges’ table,” he laughs. 

Right now, you can submit your virtual audition, or perform face-to-face with a producer online during select dates that continue into September. You can find full information on the American Idol site.

While Idol typically premieres in early spring, ABC hasn’t revealed if that’ll be the case in 2021.

Meanwhile, Luke’s career continues going strong, as Born Here Live Here Die Here just became his sixth album to debut at number one on the country chart, while grabbing a top-ten debut on the all-genre ranking as well. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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