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Kristin Chenoweth sings opera after showing how easy it is to get a COVID test

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Disney(NEW YORK) — If you never had a COVID-19 test, know that it calls for a cotton swab to be inserted into your nose until it reaches the back of your throat. While important, the test is, understandably, uncomfortable.

Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth did her duty on Thursday by demonstrating two things when it comes to getting a COVID-19 test. One, how easy it is to get one and, two, how one needs to behave while it’s being administerd. 

Still, that didn’t stop her from goofing off once the test was over and done with.

In a video posted Thursday, the actress is seen clutching a pillow that says “No Whining.”  As the doctor inserts the swab, the 52-year-old actress tries to keep her fidgeting to a minimum.  Chenoweth then immediately fires up her vocals once the swab is extracted and belts out an opera-worthy note in celebration and, perhaps, shock.

After taking a moment to rub her nose, the Wicked alum stands up and cheerily notes, “See, if I can do it, everybody, you can too!”

Chenoweth dutifully explained in the caption that “High notes are applicable in every situation.”  But, beyond sprinkling in some of her signature humor, she hopes that her video will help normalize testing.

“Got a precautionary #COVID19 test today,” the Pushing Daisies alum announced in hopes of inspiring others to help in the fight against the pandemic. “Look how quick and easy it is!”

Beyond it being a quick and easy process, Chenoweth also encouraged, “Protect others and get your tests, my loves!!”

By Megan Stone
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