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Keith Urban bounces through a budding romance like a “Tumbleweed” in his new song

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Capitol Records NashvilleBetween a rollicking banjo line and a chorus fast-paced enough to cause whiplash, Keith Urban’s “Tumbleweed” is a giddy and upbeat ride from start to finish.

In the song, a free-spirited girl catches Keith’s eye. He’s not looking to change her carefree, wandering ways: He’s just hoping to tag along, learn a little something about her “gypsy ways” and hopefully strike up a flirtation along the way.

“Hey, Miss Tumbleweed / I believe two tumbleweeds is better than one / Everybody needs a buddy when they’re on the run,” he sings in the song’s high-power chorus. “Hey, Miss Tumbleweed / Let’s ride the breeze, town to town / Just kickin’ up dust / Make a little trouble, might make a little love…”

“Tumbleweed” is included on Keith’s upcoming album, The Speed of Now Part 1. He’s already shared a number of the project’s 16 tracks, including “Polaroid,” “Superman” and the album’s leading single, “God Whispered Your Name.”

The Speed of Now Part 1 is due out on September 18.

By Carena Liptak
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