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In his new song, Hardy “doesn’t wanna be your boyfriend anymore”: But it’s not what you think

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Big Loud RecordsHardy takes a roundabout route to romance in “Boyfriend,” the newest tune to be released off his forthcoming debut album.

In the song, he lists all the reasons why he wants to change his relationship status with his girlfriend.

“I’m tired of talking ‘bout babies and diamond rings / And I’m so sick of driving clear across this town / Every night from my place to yours, girl / I don’t wanna be your boyfriend anymore,” he sings in the first verse.

By the chorus, though, it’s clear that a breakup isn’t what Hardy has in mind. Instead, he’s hoping to upgrade his status from “boyfriend” to “husband.” The singer says the idea for the tune comes straight from his relationship with his real-life leading lady.

“This song comes from a personal experience, inspired by the one and only Caleigh Ryan, my girlfriend,” he explains. “This is the first ‘I love you’ song that does not have a redneck twist that I’m releasing — the first vulnerable love song that I’ve put out, and I’m excited for people to see that side of what I do.”

“Boyfriend” comes off Hardy’s first full-length album, A Rock, which drops in September.

By Carena Liptak
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