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“I have never given up”: RaeLynn owns all the ups and downs along her road to success

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ABC/Image Group LAThis Friday, RaeLynn drops her new EP Baytown. It’s her first since signing to Round Here Records, the label that’s the brainchild of Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.

Given the bias that women face in the music industry, RaeLynn admits that her journey in country music hasn’t always been easy, and notes that she’s had to fight to take creative control.  But as the former The Voice contestant points out in a new interview with People, she’s learned that there’s freedom in that struggle.

“It’s hard for women,” she explains. “So I’m at the point, like every other country girl, if it’s going to be hard for me no matter what, I might as well put out music I freaking love.”

The singer isn’t fazed by the business changes she’s had to make either. Before Round Here Records, she’d released music via two other record labels.

“Instead of being ashamed, like, ‘Oh, I’ve been on this many labels,’ I own it. I have never given up,” she says, noting that her former The Voice coach Blake Shelton had similar ups and downs.

“He was on a few labels too, and it took him [almost] 15 years to get a number-one — he had a really crazy journey, then he took off,” the singer reflects.

Now, though, RaeLynn feels she’s finally found the creative control she’s always wanted by being part of a label that’s owned by fellow artists.

“[Tyler and Brian] let me be myself and ride ponies and wear all the glitter and cheetah print I want in my music videos. They’re not trying to change me,” she says.

RaeLynn has already started sharing music from her EP, including the uptempo anthem “Keep Up.”

By Carena Liptak
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