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Heartbreak sends Eric Church to “Crazyland,” where he finds a cast of lovelorn characters

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UMG NashvilleCrazyland” is a bar populated by the lost, lonely and heartbroken, and in Eric Church’s new tune, he joins that mournful group.

“That’s Sad in the corner with his heart on his sleeve / Talking to Regret, who’s never gonna leave / Over there playing pool is Fool and Lost / And tending bar tonight, that’s All My Fault…” Eric sings in the song’s first verse.

The singer actually thought up the chorus to “Crazyland” during a dream and he added verses to it after waking up, with help from songwriters Luke Laird and Michael Heeney. But keeping those creative juices flowing well enough to remember and finish the song was a feat that Eric ascribes to a recent intensive writing retreat he’d been on in rural North Carolina.

“As a songwriter, you always have that moment when a song is born, and then you have two months or three months before you get in the studio and you bring that thing to life,” he notes.

“And I just thought that the feeling and experience of that is something that we underestimate. So I wanted to, this time, strip all of that down and when the song is born, whatever those things are in the atmosphere that make it turn into something magical, I wanted to try to grab that,” adds the singer.

“Crazyland” follows the release of “Bad Mother Trucker” and Eric’s current single, “Stick That in Your Country Song.” He’s also been teasing more new music to come.

By Carena Liptak
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