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Hardy previews his debut album with “Truck,” a celebration of what makes a country boy a country boy

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Big Loud RecordsYou can’t always judge a book by his cover — but you can certainly judge a country boy by his set of wheels. That’s the premise behind Hardy’s new song, “Truck,” an ode to all the things you can glean about someone by just looking at their vehicle.

The singer wrote the song with Hunter Phelps and Ben Johnson, and he says that from the start, they wanted to write a classic country ode to trucks, but with an extra twist.

“We wanted to do it differently than it’s been done before and write the song about the character of the truck, things that you can know just by looking,” Hardy explains.

“In the wintertime, if you live in a rural area and you’re riding around roads, you’re eventually going to see a buck in the back of somebody’s truck, and you know that guy’s a deer hunter and he is jacked that he just got a buck — you automatically know a little bit about that guy,” he goes on to say.

“Truck” comes off of Hardy’s forthcoming debut album, A Rock, which is due out this September.

By Carena Liptak
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