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Granger Smith holds true to the 'Country Things' he loves in his just-announced album and its title track

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Jeremy Cowart/Shauna Dodds & Sarah Dodds/Backstage Design StudioGranger Smith boils life down to its essentials on “Country Things,” the just-released title track of a new double album he’s got in the works. The first half of that project, Country Things Vol. 1, will be out on September 25.

In the eight-song first chapter, Granger offers a look into his family life today. It’s been a difficult time period for Granger and his wife, Amber: Just a little over a year ago, they lost their 2-year-old son, River, in a tragic accidental drowning.

Since then, Granger, Amber and their two other children have had to navigate the grieving process and re-learn their family dynamic. Of course, Granger says, music has been a huge part of that experience, and the songs on this album will focus on the ways in which this difficult time has shed new light on the importance of gratitude.

“This collection focuses on the things that money and politics and status can’t buy,” he explains. “The things that you can center on and I want to live my life for. The things you want to raise your kids with and find joy in. The country things.”

On a lighter note, Country Things Vol. 1 will also feature a guest appearance from Granger’s colorful, oddball alter-ego, Earl Dribbles Jr.

In addition to the title track, Granger is previewing his album with another new track, “Hate You Like I Love You.” The project also features the previously-shared “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads.”

By Carena Liptak
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