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"Done": Chris Janson's "special" song hits number one

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ABC/Image Group LAChris Janson has topped the country charts with his current single, “Done.” 

Co-written with Mitch OglesbyJamie Paulin and Matt Roy, the song is inspired by Chris’ love-at-first-sight reaction to his wife Kelly, sharing in a statement that the moment he first saw her, he knew he was “done.” 

“This song is about knowing right then and there that I’d work for the rest of my life to make her happy. It’s just the truth. That’s why it’s so special,” the singer says. 

The couple wed in 2010 and share two children, in addition to Kelly’s two other children from a previous marriage that Chris calls his “bonus kids.” 

The song’s success comes weeks after Chris’ performance at Hwy 30 Fest at the end of June in Idaho came under fire, as it appeared that the crowd of fans gathered at the show were not wearing masks or social distancing.  

“Done” follows Chris’ previous chart-toppers “Fix a Drink,” “Good Vibes” and his 2015 breakthrough, “Buy Me a Boat.” 

By Cillea Houghton
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