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"Done": Chris Janson and LOCASH fight for number one, and prove it's all just "One Big Country Song"

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Broken BowIf you’re watching the country chart, you know that the war for number one has zeroed in on LOCASH and Chris Janson lately. 

The interesting thing is, they’re the best of friends — co-writing hits together like Tim McGraw‘s “Truck Yeah” and LOCASH’s own “I Love This Life.” And as “One Big Country Song” and “Done” both vied for the top, everyone involved couldn’t have been happier.

“It takes you back to… when we were at Tootsie’s and we were in the backroom, Chris was in the front room,” Chris Lucas tells ABC Audio. “We started together and we were on the phone with him the whole time that week…”

“And that’s goosebumps…”  Chris Lucas reflects. “That’s hard work is what that is. There’s nothing else to say. I mean, you have a great team behind you, but that is hard work and persevering.”

Preston Brust sees both acts’ success as proof Nashville can still make stars out of the musicians who play the bars in Music City.

“In the end, we both got number-one songs out of the deal, and I think we’re all just high-fivin’ and just enjoying it…” Preston says. “It just goes to show that startin’ on Broadway, startin’ in the honky tonks and workin’ your way up, pullin’ a U-Haul behind your truck and playing county fair after county fair, it really does pay off.”

“And I think it’s a testament to this town that good songs and hard work will find their way to the top of the chart,” he adds.  

In another bit of irony, LOCASH is the face of a new MTN DEW contest. If you’re keeping up, you know it’s Janson who has a major MTN DEW obsession. Preston and Chris have promised to hook him up.

By Stephen Hubbard
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