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Devin Dawson's "Got a Truck" — and you better believe he's emotionally attached to it

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Warner Music NashvileA tune called “I Got a Truck” isn’t the first thing you’d expect from a California-born singer/songwriter with a heavy metal background. 

And while Devin Dawson admits the first single from his sophomore album may be a bit of a departure, it turns out he has a lot more country cred than you might imagine.

“I’ve driven the same truck until recently when I bought a new one,” Devin explains. “But I drove this truck from California. This old lady that was a regular at the feed shop I was working at — because I was baling hay — and essentially she sold me this truck because she knew I was moving to Nashville and knew I needed something to pack my s*** in.”

“I’ve driven that truck forever, until I ran it into the ground,” he continues. “And I bought something new and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. And Leah, my wife, hated it for a while because it was just stuck in the driveway.”

You’ll soon be able to check out Devin’s former ride, once the “I Got a Truck” video drops.

“We actually used it in the music video that we have coming out,” he reveals. “It was really cool to actually get to use that truck, you know, fix it up, drive it out to the location, use it in the music video.”

“There’s just little things about this song all around that are just super meaningful to me,” he says, “and it doesn’t always happen like that.”

“I Got a Truck’s” backstory is actually based on Tim McGraw‘s beginnings in Music City. Devin was inspired to write the song after the superstar gave him some advice backstage, when he was opening Tim and Faith’s Soul2Soul tour a few years ago.

By Stephen Hubbard
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