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Chris Janson earns his first multi-week number one, thanks to his wife and George Strait

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ABC/Image Group LAChris Janson extends his run at the top of the chart, as “Done” spends its second week at number one on Billboard‘s Country Airplay ranking. 

The Missouri native’s latest hit was inspired by his wife, who also stars alongside him in the song’s music video.

“It’s a love song about Kelly, and I think it’s quite possibly maybe the best song I’ve ever written,” Chris tells ABC Audio. “It’s my favorite that I’ve ever had. It’s just about her, man.”

More specifically, “Done” sums up Chris’s reaction the first time he met the woman who would be his wife.

“First time I saw her,” he recalls, “I said the words. I said ‘Done and done. I’m gonna marry her and that’s it.’ So naturally, we wrote a song called ‘Done,’ you know.”

“I just write real stuff about real life,” he continues. “And when it came to be on the album, man, that was one of the easiest first picks right out of the shoot, you know.”

“And I wanted it to kinda sound like mid-nineties, George Strait, four-week number one type song,” he adds. “So that’s how I produced it.”  

“Done” is Chris’s fourth number one overall, though it’s his first to top the chart for multiple weeks. It follows his breakthrough hit, “Buy Me a Boat,” “Fix a Drink,” and “Good Vibes.”

By Stephen Hubbard
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