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Cast of Netflix's 'Work It' is ready to join the ranks of dance movie classics

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Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Netflix(NEW YORK) — Work It is about to join the ranks of iconic teen dance movies like Save the Last Dance, Step Up and Center Stage.

The Netflix movie, out Friday, stars Sabrina Carpenter as Quinn, a straight-A student who starts her own dance team in the hopes of impressing her dream college. Only problem is, she can’t dance. But with the help of her dancer bestie Jasmine, played by Liza Koshy, and a talented choreographer Jake, played by Jordan Fisher, her team just might have a shot at winning the prestigious Work It dance competition.

For the cast, they were all fans of the dance movie genre to begin with, and were giddy at the prospect of getting to star in their own.

“I’ve been craving a dance movie and I was like, ‘I don’t know when they’re gonna make one next’ and then I accidentally ended up in one!” YouTube star Koshy tells ABC Audio.

“I’ve been wanting to see, like, our generation’s Channing Tatum and, uh, he looks a little different, but here he is,” she jokes, gesturing at herself.

Carpenter, who also executive produced the film and has a song called “Let Me Move You” on the soundtrack, adds that she’s excited for their movie to follow in the footsteps of the dance movies that came before.

“It’s been like a minute since we’ve had, like, a really feel good, come together unified dance movie full of like so many different kinds of people,” she says. “And I just think that the story of our film holds a lot of really great messages and at the same time is just funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously.” 

Work It is out on Netflix now.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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