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Carly Pearce shares vulnerability while recording new song: "I’m learning to love myself and my story"

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Disney Channel/Image Group LACarly Pearce has learned a valuable lesson during this quarantine-stricken year — to embrace imperfection. 

In an honest Instagram post, Carly opens up about how she’s often tried to live through the lens of perfection, but has learned to accept life’s imperfections, leading to self-love. 

“This season of life has shown me that we will never be perfect. NEVER. We have to find beauty in the imperfections and in the things that life throws at us,” she explains. “I am owning my version of ‘imperfection’ & in return, feel like I’m learning to love myself and my story on such a deeper level.”

Part of this revelation comes with her new song, “Show Me Around.” After debuting the song during an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry in June, Carly recently recorded an official version of the track, which she shared alongside the thoughtful caption.

The video shows her singing a raw vocal cut of the song in the recording booth, marking the first time she’s taken fans inside the studio with her in such an intimate way.

Carly wrote “Show Me Around” in honor of late songwriter and producer busbee, who passed away from a rare form of brain cancer in 2019. Busbee produced Carly’s 2017 debut album, Every Little Thing, and self-titled sophomore album, released in February.

“I am so very proud of this song that I wrote for my late producer @busbee & he was always such a big believer in me being ‘okay with not being perfect.’ I felt that message ringing so true in the studio & felt him there as I sang this vocal,” she remarks. 

Carly experienced another major life change this year when she announced that she and Michael Ray were divorcing after eight months of marriage. 

By Cillea Houghton
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