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Beverly Johnson explains why her 'Girlfriends Check In' was "really important" to her during this time

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Courtesy of OWN(LOS ANGELES) — Supermodel Beverly Johnson is joining her real-life girlfriends on the upcoming episode of OWN’s new quarantine series, Girlfriends Check In.

The new show, which virtually brings together different groups of female celebrity friends to laugh, support, and share gossip with each other, has Beverly joining her three galpals which include Greenleaf star Lynn Whitfield, activist Tina Knowles Lawson and actress Vanessa Bell Calloway. Johnson tells ABC Audio that joining the chat was an easy decision given that it was an opportunity to let her hair down and have fun with her friends. 

“Well, Tina Knowles asked me to participate in this show, and — of course, I love Oprah Winfrey — and I know the other young ladies,” she said referring to Whitfield and Calloway. “[But,] it was a chance just to be myself and they were themselves.”

“And so a lot of it, I’m sure, didn’t get aired, because we were being ourselves a little too much,” she laughs. “But it was just a time to relax and have fun… [and] get a little gussied up to go on Zoom.”

While Johnson describes the soon-to-be aired virtual chat as “better than FaceTime, or talking on the telephone, or texting back and forth,” the fashion model admits that the candid conversation also served another purpose.

“It was a time that we really connected, you know, as girlfriends,” she says. “And as we all know, girlfriends are really, really important. And they’re very important to me… They’re my support and they’re my inspiration.” 

Beverly Johnson’s episode of Girlfriend’s Check In airs Saturday, August 8 at 10:00 p.m. ET on OWN.

By Candice Williams
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