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“Beers and Sunshine”: Darius Rucker’s breezy single toasts the good kind of “B.S.”

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Capitol Records NashvilleDarius Rucker returns to country radio this week with “Beers and Sunshine,” a summery antidote to stress and anxiety during a tumultuous year.

“‘Cause everybody’s down in a world gone crazy / Don’t know how to fix it, but I think maybe / Turn on the good times, turn off the TV,” Darius sings in the song’s chorus. “Yeah, the only B.S. I need is beers and sunshine.”

When he first started teasing the song last month, Darius explained that he hopes “Beers and Sunshine” will serve as a much-needed breath of fresh air.

“It’s certainly been a hard year so far, with a lot of heaviness around us constantly,” the singer noted during an early July appearance on NBC’s Today. “Like it says in the song, I don’t know how we fix any of those big, real issues that we’re facing, but while we work through this time, I think it’s important that we find the silver lining where we can really enjoy the little moments and the simple joys of time spent together with friends and family.”

“Beers and Sunshine” headed to country radio Thursday.

By Carena Liptak
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