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Rita Wilson reveals why she sang the end credits song for 'The Outpost'

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Courtesy of Millennium Media(NEW YORK) — The military thriller The Outpost, based on the true story of one of the bloodiest engagements of the War in Afghanistan, hit number-one on iTunes, GooglePlay and other VOD platforms. The end credits song, “Everybody Cries,” was co-written and sung by actress Rita Wilson.

“I think people are looking for really good movies, and it had excellent reviews,” Wilson says of The Outpost‘s popularity. “The director…[is] very connected to the military community, and it was a story he really wanted to tell…The sad thing is that it’s true.”

Wilson says the director “felt very strongly that it should be a female voice” on the song.

“Every one of those…young men that died has a mom,” she notes. “Sometimes I think you don’t take into consideration that there is a mother who is sending a child off to battle.”

Of course, our present-day battle is against COVID-19.  Wilson and husband Tom Hanks were among the first celebrities to contract the virus, which is why she’s frustrated by the debate over wearing masks.

“I had it, so I know how bad it is,” she tells ABC Audio. “I came through it and I survived, but there was a moment where you don’t know if it’s going to take a turn for the worst — if you’re going to be one of the ones that makes it. So why would you take that chance? I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do something for your health that you know works.”

“I know that…we have an economy that is hurting,” Wilson allows. “But it will hurt more if we have a health care system that’s overwhelmed and people [take even longer to] get back to work…so…I feel like we just have to do the right thing.” 

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By Andrea Dresdale
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