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Omar Epps explains why he enjoyed channeling his 'Fatal Affair' character that "didn't play by any rules"

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Netflix/Beth Dubber(LOS ANGELES) — Omar Epps reunites with his In Too Deep co-star Nia Long in the new Netflix thriller, Fatal Affair.

Unlike the 1999 crime thriller — which followed Epps as an undercover cop and Long as his supportive girlfriend — Epps now plays David, a sketchy college friend whose infatuation takes a dark turn when his advances are rejected.

Epps tells ABC Audio that he was excited to play a character who didn’t play by the rules.

“I think we go through life… we’ve got to follow rules,” he says. “We’ve got to stop when it says red light. We’ve got to go through all of these rigid motions.”

“And so the opportunity to live in a headspace where this guy is not playing by any rules of society and he’s delusional — he also had some mental health issues I think that went unchecked,” he continues. “That was a fun space to be in.”

While channeling his unpredictable character was one of Epps’ “favorite part[s] of the onset experience,” the actor say that there were other aspects just as amazing.

“You know, part of the attraction to the project, besides the opportunity to work with Nia again, was playing a character that I know my fan base is not used to seeing me in,” he says.  

Fatal Affair, also starring Stephen Bishop, is now streaming on Netflix.

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By Candice Williams
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